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Chloe Mullins (she/they) is a poet, writer, photographer, and speaker in a podcast on Spotify called Spoken Words, where she reads on her own poetry and other works of literature that seem to catch her attention. This is her second time in-a-row that Chloe Mullins has had her work submitted through Loch Norse Magazine. Mullins is an aunt, a full-time college student, public speaker, and nature lover. She speaks on issues of mental illness such as anxiety/depression, children’s books bringing a sense of significance to young minds, and advocating rights of LGBTQ+ and women’s rights. Chloe Mullins has a working BA in English and a minor in Pre-Law at Northern Kentucky University. Mullins has received scholarships/awards such as The Commonwealth Scholarship and The National Society of

Leadership and Success. Chloe Mullins hopes to write her own children’s books and poetry

novels someday, if only she can stop reading other people’s works instead.


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