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Green Coral and Fish

What Are We?

Loch Norse is an annual print magazine that features work from undergraduate students at Northern Kentucky University.  


We want this online space to do what the physical pages of our print magazine cannot do, such as present moving poems, poetry video, digital work, hypertext, visual work that needs to be in color (since we print in black and white), and anything that may need to be seen “off the page.”  


Anyone affiliated with NKU is welcome to submit to this online space, including alums, graduate students, current undergraduates, staff, or faculty. 

Meet Poe!

Poe is a consultant to the English Department, as well as an unofficial groundskeeper at Northern Kentucky University.

A flair for the dramatic, he enjoys brooding within his poetry and getting down to “Who the Hell is Edgar?” by Salena and Teya.

As the muse of Loch Norse, he spends much of his time napping underneath the bridge in the lake, our magazine’s namesake; often venturing into Steely Library or Haile Planetarium during open mic nights to sit in the back while poets and students read their work aloud.

How long has he been around? One cannot say. But be mindful to guard your pencils. It is rumored that he is fond of snacking on them.


Who are we?

 Faculty Advisor 

Kelly Moffett


James Foss 

Grace Riley 


 Visual Art Editors 

Jessie Crawford 

Eros Ritchie  


 Fiction Editors 

Storie Barnett 

Mackenzie Basl 

Emrel Woody  


 Poetry Editors 

Ezra Knapp 

Eva Smith  

Kariana Wyatt 


 Creative Nonfiction Editors 

Jayden Clark 

Tyler Shroyer 


 Hybrid/Experimental Writing Editors 

Blue Adams 

Anna Bohn 


 Online Editors 

Logan Perry 

Haley Prim 


 Publicity Directors 

Tom Morrison 

Amanda Murray 

Camryn Chesnut  


 Assistant Readers 

Maira Faisal 

Roma Markle 

Bekah Tackett 

Hades Whalen 

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